March 30, 2011

The "Boss" is Here

The logo is a B-O-S-S
what does it say ?

We all need to live our lives as if our "Boss" is beside us, watching our every moves at all times, waiting for us to make the right decisions, the ones we already know in our conscience.

So you're at work, and your boss is there.
What would you do ?
You wouldn't slack, would you ?
You wouldn't sit around browsing the internet ?
You wouldn't waste time
You'd work efficiently, right ?

What about when you're driving, and your boss is right next to you.
You wouldn't curse when someone cuts you off on the highway, right ? You'd just let them cut you off and you'd be patient about it, right ?
You wouldn't drive recklessly, would you ?
When He talks to you, you'd be nice to him, right ? You'd be polite at all times ?

What if you're at home, nothing to do ?
Do you spend all day watching TV, playing VideoGames, going online and eating junk food ?
Wasting your time and your potential talents ?

What if you work in a Bank and your Boss is not around ?
you know there's a camera above you
So you know you're under a watchful eye, so you wouldn't do anything illegal, would you ?
You'll be kind and helpful to customers, right ?

What if there are CCTV Cameras everywhere at all times ?
okay, there are in fact cameras everywhere, at your office, at the bank, at the mall, at the pharmacy, at the ATM, at the traffic light, etc, no need to get paranoid....
What if the cameras are in your bedroom, at the kitchen, etc etc and they're linked to your "Boss" at all times, monitoring your conscience, your behaviour, your anger level, your laziness.
Your "Boss" monitors everything, he knows everything.
He knows when you're wasting time,
He knows when you're lying,
He knows when you disappoint your parents, again and again,
He knows when you're hateful
He knows all
You can't see him doesn't mean He's not there
You can't see him doesn't mean He doesn't know
Yes, He's silent, only because we have a conscience that tells us right from wrong.
We know what we're doing is wrong, but we do it anyway, because no one's looking ?
because you think you're gonna get away with it, like you always have ?
feeling guilty much ?

Live your life as if your "Boss" is here now.
Don't be Fake, Don't pretend to be nice or diligent or kind.
Just Be !
because it's the right thing, because it's what you want.

Use the fact that your "Boss is here now" as a guide for you to do what's right.
It's about Raising awareness, that you are aware of what you're doing 100% of the time.
You won't become a pretentious robot.
You'll still be you, but you'll be doing what you know you're supposed to be doing while being aware of it.
and your way of thinking would change too.
For example, you usually get irritated easily, if you see that there's no point of actually getting irritated over a simple matter, than, it won't bother you anymore, tada, Life simplified.
(It's not magic, though ;p it doesn't happen in a click)
and the whole "The BOSS is here now" thing, can only happen if you want to, to do what is right according to your conscience, to be the best person that you can be, to not waste time, to use whatever talents you have, to not disappoint others, to be nice to people, bla bla bla you know em all, that's it, as simple as that.
Do the "right" things as if your "Boss" is here right now.
You'd want to impress Him, right ?
and You'd be polite, kind, confident, calm, efficient, respectful, helpful, diligent, etc etc.

Wouldn't it be great if you don't pretend to be all that ? That you actually ARE all that ?
Anyways, it's all up to you

btw, your "Boss" is not just here to make you do the right thing, you know.
He's also here to listen, and sometimes He performs miracles too.
He does care.
You might wanna talk to him.
It's called prayers. :)
No rules, just talk.

Boss is Here Now
It spells B-O-S-S
What does it really say ?

GOD is here now

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